07May 2011

I had an interesting day!

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Seriously it’s all in the video! But if you don’t want to watch the video I’ll tell you what made my day so interesting. My mom and I were coming home from a Mother’s Day breakfast and stopped at the beauty supply. I knew that the manager was Korean, but I never said anything to him. He had a new employee( at least one I had never seen before) and I was whispering to my mom what they were saying. After my mom completed her transaction, I decided to say Thank You in Korean. He was shocked and told the manager. The manager said hello to me in Korean and we left. I really wanna  go back and talk to him ( I don’t have feelings for him or anything the guy is married), but it would be interesting to talk to someone other than my one friend who’s Korean.

02May 2011

Decisions decisions

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So I have been thinking of growing out the relaxer on my hair and just letting my hair grow in it’s natural curly state. I’ve talked with my mom about it and she thinks I should wait; I agree. So I plan on starting this process after I graduate next year. I don’t want to chop off all my hair so I’m thinking of transitioning through wearing braids or maybe Fusion extensions for a few months until the relaxer has grown out of my hair. I’m really excited about trying this new look out and I can’t wait to start.

I want something similar to Corinne Bailey Rae's look

Also I’ve been thinking about going vegetarian. The last time I tried to do this, I lasted for a few days. I think especially now that I have my braces I just want to make life a bit easier especially with the difficulty of having to chew everything. Actually having braces again might be a blessing in disguise and help me in not eating meat. This time I’m gonna take things slow and one day at a time. I think the last time I just tried to go cold turkey and that wasn’t the right choice since I’m surrounded by family and friends who don’t give a flip about my wanting to be vegetarian. I’ll post my video later!
– peace.love. Ariej

18Mar 2011

New shoes!

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Okay so yesterday I wasn’t planning on spending money (and I didn’t on the shoes), but I had a gift card to aHalf Price Books, so I sold some books and bought some. I bought one of the books in the Pink Angel’s series and the first book of the Thirst series. Also I went to a local Japanese restaurant, Nagoya. I went with my Aunt N, grandmother, mom and little cousin. We had Hibachi style and it was yummy. When we left there  we went to Nordstrom Rack right by the mall and I had seen these really cute shoes there when me and my mom went earlier in the week, but they were too little. I was sooooo happy when I found some, not in the same color, but who cares right? So my grandma bought them for me for an early birthday present ( April 9). Here are my new babies:

17Mar 2011

Nordstrom Haul

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SO the last entry I made I had bought Infinite’s album that should be here next week or so. I also bought Hwayobi’s Summer and 2AM’s 3rd mini album. It may seem like all I buy are CDs and for the most part that is true, but since I’ve been on Spring Break, my mom took me out shopping and I got some adorable items.

I got all of this at Nordstrom’s it’s like a store that carries a lot of designer clothes at discounted prices. So I was intially looking for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding next month, but we didn’t really see anything that looked that great on. I also had to have “candy apple red shoes” because that’s her color scheme. Look what I found…

I don’t know when I’m going to wear the love shirt or how I’m going to wear it yet.  I was thinking maybe a pink skirt with flats, a black ballerina skirt with the red heels or jeans. Any suggestions?


09Feb 2011

사랑 Another word for ‘Love’

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I find it a little funny that ‘사랑’ , pronounced sarang,was the first word I learned to write in 한골( Korean script). It means love and honestly I feel that it means more than it’s simple translation. I think that in America it’s thrown around so much with friends and in such a joking manner that when it’s said to a significant other, it falls flat. To me, 사랑 means I can’t breathe without seeing you, I honestly feel more for you than my most prized possession, I’d be willing to protect you from anything and I’m willing to fight for our relationship no matter what anyone else thinks. I think that any other language, ‘I love you’ has such a deeper meaning. I hope one day I can share this love with someone incredibly special.
– Arie Jai

31Jan 2011

Broken Hearted

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Dear whoever reads my blog,

So I was in the midst of a really nice relationship until I found out that he had kept something huge from me– he was bisexual. Sure this may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me, it broke me apart. I mean how can someone keep something so important from a person they like. I know this may be touchy to some, but I rather be honest than be a hypocrite for dating a homosexual while saying that its wrong in church. I cried for about two days straight. At first all I was in denial then shock and now I think I’ve accepted it. I still like him, but we can’t be anything other than friends.

-Broken Hearted Arie J

20Jan 2011

Need to study Korean more!

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I’ve been slacking off so much in learning Korean! I’m mad at myself because when I do have spare time usually I’m writing a review for the site or looking for more music to review. So I’m gonna try to set aside time to learn. Plus my Korean friend said she would help me, but were busy with school, so I’ll just wait until summer to ask her.

I just signed up for this website that you can pick out pen-pals from all around the world, so hopefully that will help me.