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01Aug 2013

Thankful Thursday

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So for those of you who don’t know, I have a YouTube channel (beautifoolbliss) and I mainly talk about learning Korean and resources and a little bit of singing mixed in with a few beauty related videos. I’m telling you about this because this is related to my post today.
One of my viewers left the sweetest message I’ve ever had from a stranger and it was so uplifting. It said:

You are beautiful on the outside and inside! <3 I’m not kidding! I know learning korean can be hard but be patient I hope you can learn it fluently one day! ­čśÇ lovely girl you sound like you have a big heart (I know this is random lol) but yh ­čÖé Subscribed! <3

I’m so thankful for sweet comments like that from strangers! It just reminds me of the good in people and how positive some people are. That comment motivated me to try to be more friendly and uplifting to others around me.

29Jul 2013

My year (so far)

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My year thus far has been eventful and emotional. I don’t think I’ve cried so much or experienced so much as I have this year. I have matured not crazy amounts of maturity, but small bite sized pieces of me has matured.

I realized how important writing out my feelings is to me; I wasn’t consistent during the ┬áschool year and I had abandoned my music blog. But I really,┬áreally┬álove writing and getting all of my thoughts out of my head whether that be on my iPhone, in a journal or on a blog.

This year has been amazing and exciting and scary, but that’s just how life is in general. I guess that means I’m finally living.

08Feb 2013

It’s already February

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Can you believe it’s already February? I mean January just zoomed by and I feel like it went by so fast and a lot happened:

– three of my friends & my ex had birthdays

– ┬ábroke up with my boyfriend

– Winter break ended

– Me and my roommate changed our room around

– I started working out and I can definitely feel the pain the next day ( like today)

– Most importantly I am so HAPPY!

I realized that I like blogging, but hate the hassle of having to write everyday or take pictures because I’m kind of lazy, but I will try to blog more often so that I can look back on these days in the future and┬áreminisce. Happy February 2013!

18Jan 2013

Over it & Happy

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So my last post was all gloomy and sad, but now I feel completely different. I’m content; I was feeling this way before I was in a relationship and now I’m feeling the same way. I think in e bam of my mind I always knew I enjoyed being single and I had gotten quite used to being single since I had been all my life. I know that God has a man for me and I’m not going to mess His plan up by going for guys that aren’t right for me.

I know valentines day approaching and I was all excited about having a boyfriend, but I’m so happy that I don’t have to deal with that pressure of picking a gift. I’m happy that my heart is open to receive love from Jesus first and not be in a rush to receive love from some guy. I’m content and happy; a happiness I’ve never felt before. Not that “honeymoon” stage but a feeling of being loved unconditionally. This is the greatest feeling ever.

14Jan 2013


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I broke up with my boyfriend last week. My amazingly sweet, caring, silly boyfriend. I thought that by breaking up, I would be a bit happier, brighter even because I was feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I was feeling a little suffocated and I thought that by breaking up, I would finally be able to breathe. But it didn’t. I feel like a horrible person and not happy; I feel like a little piece of my happiness went away.

I want to be with him but my mom was very vocal on her opinions of our relationship and always made little comments about the nice guys she met at the grocery store or while in line. I thought that was rude and very disrespectful, but kept my feelings bottled up. I don’t think we will be getting back together because as much as I want that to happen, I know as long as my parents don’t approve, it won’t last and I think he wants to move on and I don’t blame him.

24Sep 2012


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My last two posts may have seemed like everything was rainbows and unicorns but I feel like college life is becoming very stressful and I don’t even have a full load, I only have 12 hours. But I just always feel tired and like I’m twelve steps behind and always seem to be trying to catch up. I don’t know if any other college bloggers feel like this, but I’m literally always tired. I can take five naps a day and still feel like it’s not enough sleep. Luckily I’m getting a break pretty soon that will allow me to focus, catch up and get some much needed rest.

Oh yea, there is one good thing that brightened up my day: it’s me and C.V’s 2 month┬áanniversary today! It honestly feels like we’ve been together way longer than that. He’s my best friend, and the sweetest, most thoughtful guy ever and I can’t wait until we make it to a year!

With that being said, have any other college graduates or current college students felt like extremely tired and overwhelmed with homework, projects, extra activities?

20May 2012

Growing Up

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So this is my last week of school. I can’t really even call it that since we’ll only be in school for four days instead of five. It’s finally starting to hit me that high school is over. I’m going to have to start somewhere new, with new faces and different personalities.
As I close the chapter of adolescence and step into adulthood, I want to make sure that I always put God first, respect and love everyone and always,always,ALWAYS keep an open mind. The funny thing about this entire year is that I don’t feel like a senior. I had been wanting this for so long and now that it’s finally here, don’t really know how to feel.