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09Feb 2011

사랑 Another word for ‘Love’

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I find it a little funny that ‘사랑’ , pronounced sarang,was the first word I learned to write in 한골( Korean script). It means love and honestly I feel that it means more than it’s simple translation. I think that in America it’s thrown around so much with friends and in such a joking manner that when it’s said to a significant other, it falls flat. To me, 사랑 means I can’t breathe without seeing you, I honestly feel more for you than my most prized possession, I’d be willing to protect you from anything and I’m willing to fight for our relationship no matter what anyone else thinks. I think that any other language, ‘I love you’ has such a deeper meaning. I hope one day I can share this love with someone incredibly special.
– Arie Jai

31Jan 2011

Broken Hearted

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Dear whoever reads my blog,

So I was in the midst of a really nice relationship until I found out that he had kept something huge from me– he was bisexual. Sure this may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me, it broke me apart. I mean how can someone keep something so important from a person they like. I know this may be touchy to some, but I rather be honest than be a hypocrite for dating a homosexual while saying that its wrong in church. I cried for about two days straight. At first all I was in denial then shock and now I think I’ve accepted it. I still like him, but we can’t be anything other than friends.

-Broken Hearted Arie J