26Jan 2014

I’m back, kinda

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So I haven’t written in a while and I thought today would be the perfect day to sit down and just let my thoughts flow.

Last night was so much fun, I got to hangout with the former roommate/best friend, C. Monique, my other guy best friend, Jojo and The Boy, Hulk. Before the guys got there, me and C. ate wings fro Pizza Hut which were sogood. Then Hulk got there and he was being so awkward ( he wouldn’t even let his feet touch the carpet).When Jojo got there it was immediate fun, then we had a mini road trip to the nearest McDonald’s for apple pies. After a lot of confusion we finally made the decision on 7 apple pies: three for C, two for me and one for Hulk and Jojo.

I really enjoy hanging out with this trio because it’s always a great time; tons of laughs and I got to see Hulk who I haven’t seen in a few weeks. Today, I went to church, the grocery store and back home. I’m supposed to be starting on homework so that I can watch the Grammy’s later on tonight, but I have hours until that happens. I also want to take a quick power nap, we’ll see once I’m finished with everything else. Ah, the joys of writing, how I’ve missed it so.

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