18Jan 2013

Over it & Happy

Posted by at in Life, Love & Relationships

So my last post was all gloomy and sad, but now I feel completely different. I’m content; I was feeling this way before I was in a relationship and now I’m feeling the same way. I think in e bam of my mind I always knew I enjoyed being single and I had gotten quite used to being single since I had been all my life. I know that God has a man for me and I’m not going to mess His plan up by going for guys that aren’t right for me.

I know valentines day approaching and I was all excited about having a boyfriend, but I’m so happy that I don’t have to deal with that pressure of picking a gift. I’m happy that my heart is open to receive love from Jesus first and not be in a rush to receive love from some guy. I’m content and happy; a happiness I’ve never felt before. Not that “honeymoon” stage but a feeling of being loved unconditionally. This is the greatest feeling ever.

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