27Jul 2013

Tenacious Trio

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Today was my day to hang out with some of my closest friends, Camri and Joseph. First we had breakfast

at Norma’s Cafe. The food was so yummy and we had a ton of laughs; only Joseph and I finished a good portion of our food while Camri was eating a little bit from each plate. She only finished her glass of water.

Then we went to the Dallas Museum of Art in Downtown Dallas. It was fun looking at the exhibits and imitating the poses of the sculptures. Afterwards, we headed to a thrift store and then decided to chill at Starbucks nearby. We didn’t want to end the day so we decided to go to North Park Mall. We walked around, looked in a few stores and didn’t buy anything and left.

We were hungry so Joseph suggested Rusty Taco. It was really good and inexpensive and really chill atmosphere. Camri and I wanted to get some Krispy Creme donuts ( a weakness of mine) just to end things on a sweet note. Joseph wasn’t budging at first, but he eventually agreed and we finally got our donuts.

Today was so much fun and very much needed; I did go out with Camri on Friday night with a couple other guy friends, but there were elements that sort of made the night not that great. I can always count on a good time with two thirds of the “tenacious trio”.


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