The Girl

Hello. My name is Arie Jai and I have another other blog (Earcandy Express)that was started by my love of Korean music and entertainment. I wanted to start a personal blog that was strictly about me.

All About Arielle

So I’m a recent high school graduate (class of 2012!!) and now I’m focusing on college. I am currently self-teaching Korean language learner and I want to become a polyglot( a person who knows many languages). I’m tall,skinny and awkward and my boyfriend says I’m funny, but I think he’s blinded by my charming wit and loveable personality. I’m slightly obsessed with  Adventure Time,Regular Show, Community and Donald Glover. I’m a foodie, so if you happen to see pictures of food then don’t drool on the keyboard. Despite my shy demeanor, I like making friends on here and YouTube so if you want to become chums leave comments and a magical fairy will sprinkle glitter on your pillow every night. Just kidding. I’ll comment back; I promise 🙂

The scariest moment is always just before you start.Stephen King

( written 7/31/2012)