14Jan 2013


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I broke up with my boyfriend last week. My amazingly sweet, caring, silly boyfriend. I thought that by breaking up, I would be a bit happier, brighter even because I was feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I was feeling a little suffocated and I thought that by breaking up, I would finally be able to breathe. But it didn’t. I feel like a horrible person and not happy; I feel like a little piece of my happiness went away.

I want to be with him but my mom was very vocal on her opinions of our relationship and always made little comments about the nice guys she met at the grocery store or while in line. I thought that was rude and very disrespectful, but kept my feelings bottled up. I don’t think we will be getting back together because as much as I want that to happen, I know as long as my parents don’t approve, it won’t last and I think he wants to move on and I don’t blame him.

18Nov 2012

Wash Day 11-16

This wash day I decided to do a roller wrap and not use the blow dryer. The results were not what I expected, but that probably has to do with the fact that I am on the 6th week post relaxer and I want to stretch to eight weeks. I have new growth, but it isn’t that noticeable around the perimeter, but the center of my head is pretty hard to comb through.

As my normal washes I pre-pooed with a mix of Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong Conditioner, Suave Naturals Coconut and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I left this on for 45 minutes and rinsed with warm water.

Afterwards I followed up with Honey I’m Strong Shampoo and deep conditioned with Honey I’m Strong Conditioner for 1 hour .  I roller set with jumbo rollers all over and sat under a hooded dryer and wrapped my hair and tied with a satin scarf .

Like I said, I wasn’t that impressed, maybe if I would’ve flat ironed my roots, then the look would’ve turned out better. But my new growth has just reminded me that I want to transition to be natural. My mom is natural and it took her about 9 months, but she wore wigs and had short relaxed hair. She told me to wait until after two years, so that’s what I’ll do.

12Nov 2012

It’s almost that time…

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I’m sitting in my freezing cold dorm at the moment.  I know that I was supposed to reach that NanoWrimo goal but that didn’t even happen. I’m so cold that any movement makes me even colder so I’m not going to fix dinner tonight. Basically my weekend consisted of me filling out job applications and turning them in to stores.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving break; that week will be great for me.Hopefully I’ll get some rest and a job and I can get everyone off my back. I just feel incredibly overwhelmed with pressure in every direction. College life right now isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Goodnight. Arielle.

11Nov 2012

NanoWrimo Update # 1 : day 11

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So this is day eleven of NanoWrimo and I am so behind. I mean majorly behind. I just don’t know where exactly I want to go with the story; I have a couple options as to how I can reveal some characters and their secrets.  I am going to try to get to at least 10,000 words today because I really need to. I’m just going to write freely and hopefully how I imagine the story unfolding in my mind is how it will happen when I write.

I don’t know if any other Wrimo’s are struggling with catching up like I am. So far this story is where I want it to be, but also lacking. I have the strong urge to edit to my hearts content, but I know that will deplete half my word count and meaning that I would have to start all over again. And I can’t do that. I must not do that.

I hope all the other Wrimo’s out there are pouring out words into their stories. I have to go do homework and run some errands, but as soon as I’m done I am going to type so much my fingers bleed and my brain feels like it’s run a marathon. Even my metaphors aren’t that great.

Ciao for now lovelies,


04Nov 2012

Wash day 11-3

So last week’s wash day was phenomenal! I pree-pooed with carol’s daughter Black Vanilla conditioner for 30 minutes and then washed wit the Black Vanilla shampoo. I deep conditioned for 2 hours with the Black Vanilla conditioner and my hair came out flawlessly.

Today I pre-pooed with Olive oil, Suave Naturals coconut conditioner and Honey I’m strong conditioner mix for 1 hour .

I washed my hair with Herbal essences honey I’m strong shampoo. I didn’t have time to deep condition today so I just conditioned with honey I’m strong. I did some more curls because my hair just seemed so soft and bouncy last week. I roller set at night and finger comb with olive oil in the morning.


21Oct 2012

Review: Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin

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I received the Goody simple Styles Spin Pin in my Beauty Bloggers Voxbox and I was a bit skeptical about how well they would work.

I tried them on my natural hair and on my clip ins and they Continue reading →

17Oct 2012

Hair goals on hair journey

Ultimately I want my hair length mid-back or bra strap. I know that my hair loves moisture so I’ve been making sure to moisturize n’ seal ( using a hair lotion followed by an oil to seal the moisture like jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil ) and my hair loves that.

I like this length; a little past the shoulders.


15Oct 2012

About my hair

Here are a few specs about my hair:
• I have a relaxer. My last one was October 4,2012I did at one point think about transitioning but for the time being I really like having relaxed hair.
• my hair is currently grazing my collarbone( the longest piece ) and bangs stop a little past my nose. The shortest piece stops near my eyebrows.
• I don’t really have a regimen but I’m starting to build one