14Oct 2012

Wash day 10-13-2012

Saturday is always my wash day. It’s the day I have the most time to do my hair and take my time. This time I decided to do a co-wash because my hair wasn’t really dirty and a co-wash will suffice until next Saturday.

products used for co-wash
• Carol’s daughter Black Vanilla moisturizing conditioner
other products
• Organic Root stimulator Heat protectant
• motions setting lotion

I noticed my ends were looking gross so I did a light trim. And I just curled it with a flat iron then wrapped it. My wraps turn out pretty nicely and I can tell my hair definitely loved the co-wash because it absorbed that moisture like a sponge. I might co-wash once a week or once every two weeks.


14Oct 2012

Protective styles to try

So I’ve been searching the web for some easy protective styles to wear for school. A protective style is any hairstyle that is keeping the ends of your hair from rubbing against the fabric of your clothing.

I like this bun that Gabrielle union is wearing.


Some other styles are braids/twists or head wraps like Solange did :



There’s also buns, wigs/weaves as seen here by Beyonce



And ponytails shown on this model


24Sep 2012


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My last two posts may have seemed like everything was rainbows and unicorns but I feel like college life is becoming very stressful and I don’t even have a full load, I only have 12 hours. But I just always feel tired and like I’m twelve steps behind and always seem to be trying to catch up. I don’t know if any other college bloggers feel like this, but I’m literally always tired. I can take five naps a day and still feel like it’s not enough sleep. Luckily I’m getting a break pretty soon that will allow me to focus, catch up and get some much needed rest.

Oh yea, there is one good thing that brightened up my day: it’s me and C.V’s 2 month anniversary today! It honestly feels like we’ve been together way longer than that. He’s my best friend, and the sweetest, most thoughtful guy ever and I can’t wait until we make it to a year!

With that being said, have any other college graduates or current college students felt like extremely tired and overwhelmed with homework, projects, extra activities?

28Jun 2012

Style Envy: Seohyun

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Seohyun is from the Korean girl group Girls Generation and I think her style has evolved so much. Being the youngest member I think this might be her outlet to shine in the media.I think she’s just one of those people who can pull off anything and she’s always up to date on the latest trends.

09Jun 2012

Haul: Target, Crate&BarrelOutlet

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On Saturday my mom, grandma and I went shopping. First we went to the Crate&Barrel Outlet where I picked up these super cute file folders. Then after we went to Target where I picked up Neutrogena Combination Skin moisturizer, Target brand cotton pads, two Rimmel blue eyeliners,an NYC mattifying top coat and a planner. Also some of the stuff I ordered came in from ebay! As you guys know I love using ebay for getting deals. I ordered a NYX blush in the shade copper and The Body Shop’s Powder Mix Vitamin C Serum. All in all a great way to spend Saturday!