04Jun 2012

NYX Lip liner Review

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I purchased these NYX Lip liners in April just to try out some lip colors without spending a ton of money. I was so pleased with the colors I chose. I bought three colors: hot red , plush red and plum.

20120604-083933.jpgfrom left to right: plum,plush red,hot red

I absolutely love the color; it was really true to the picture on ulta.com. I give these liners an A++ for amazing quality and affordable pricing.

Heres me with plush red on Saturday night:


20May 2012

Growing Up

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So this is my last week of school. I can’t really even call it that since we’ll only be in school for four days instead of five. It’s finally starting to hit me that high school is over. I’m going to have to start somewhere new, with new faces and different personalities.
As I close the chapter of adolescence and step into adulthood, I want to make sure that I always put God first, respect and love everyone and always,always,ALWAYS keep an open mind. The funny thing about this entire year is that I don’t feel like a senior. I had been wanting this for so long and now that it’s finally here, don’t really know how to feel.

16Apr 2012

My amazing birthday

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So I had the most amazing time for my birthday! My two friends came over to spend the night and we went to the Galleria mall.  We walked around and shopped a bit before going to my surprise party. What a surprise it was! I was wondering why I was getting dressed at the mall and how my aunt magically seemed to be there, but I still hadn’t put two and two together, even when one of the waitresses said,” are you here for the party?” My family was all in this cute little room at the Hibashi.

So I made a few purchases this weekend when one of my friends left and the other one stayed. We went to Target where I bought: Revlon Colourstay Foundation, Make up remover, Kleenex 6 pack of travel tissue,Cetaphil face wash, E.l.f face primer, NYC hot pink nail polish and Maybeline Bouncy Blush in Plum.

I feel like I’m floating on clouds. I’m just in a general good mood and  this has definitely been the best birthday ever. I feel blessed to have lived 18 years and can’t wait for the amazing times ahead.






14Mar 2012

Spring Break day 1: H Mart

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So Monday was like the craziest day I have ever had. I woke up extremely early to go to Autumn’s house and then we went to the train station. Two other friends came P and N and then we got them their all day passes and boarded the train. Riding the train really didn’t seem like that big of a problem and was less confusing than I thought it would be. We finally arrived in Carrolton and we were confused about which bus to take so we asked these two guys who were no help and then figured it out on our own. After waiting for 30 minutes a bus came, but it wasn’t the one that we wanted. Our bus wouldn’t come until 2:30. So like one of us stated earlier, we walked. But it wasn’t like H Mart was just a block down the street or something; no the store was across the highway. The walk took about 20 minutes and none of us had eaten breakfast. It was around 12 so we were starting to get hungry and all we had was gum. The sun was starting to make us all a little irritable and looney.

Alas, we made it there around 1:30. I had never been so happy to see a grocery store in my life. First stop, walk around the food court! We walked around the store really quickly and then ate food. N and P had this chicken dish with rice and miso soup. Autumn had kimchi and tofu stew with rice and sides. I had bibimbap with sides and some sort of soup. After that we walked around this one store filled with Hello Kitty and other cute stuff as well as overpriced CD ( $27 for a Girl’s Generation CD?! Insane!). We decided to walk to another store similar but waaaaay cheaper in the same shopping center called Ten by Ten. I bought a Hello Kitty contact lens case. We walked back to H Mart and bought some food aka chips, candy and drinks before going back to the cute Hello Kitty store which was packed. The other girls got some bubble tea and I was just chilling.

There was a plethora of cute guys that we saw walking back and forth between the cafe Mozart next to Ten by Ten and the food court inside of H Mart. MY mom picked us up and dropped everyone off and the day ended well.This was definitely some trip. Some things were a little annoying, but I think we all had fun and definitely want to do this again, but maybe with less walking and a car.

07Mar 2012

I’m so happy

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I feel like everything is finally going the way I want it to. I have an amazing guy, awesome friends and all my side projects are kinda sorta coming together. Today we have late arrival because the under classmen have state standardized testing and if you passed it last yeaar then you have late arrival. I’ve never been so happy to miss a few hours of school before.

Well “twinsie” is coming over Sunday to meet my parents and I’m nervous ; like that’s all I’ve been thinking about. I’m not really even nervous about him impressing my parents I’m more worried that I’ll do something stupid like trip or burp or say something stupid.  Has this happened to anybody else? I feel like I’m just nervous for no reason and will actually end up doing this out of nervousness.

Anyway, I’m so ready for the weekend! Saturday, I don’t think I’m doing anything that do except maybe dance practice. Sunday “twinsie” comes over and I might be spending the night at my friends house. Monday me and said friend along with a group of other people are riding  the bus to H Mart, this Korean supermart.

Also I’ve had Big Bang’s Alive album on repeat, so here’s my favorite song from the album BAD BOY. It’s like that old school R&B sound but still modern sounding; it’s so chill just have a listen:

28Feb 2012

Moving On

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So I met this guy on Saturday ( lets call him twinsie)and ever since Sunday( when he found me on Facebook ) we’ve been talking non-stop. He is the total opposite of me: outgoing, really smart and mature; we’ve been talking about prom and dating and marriage since we don’t go to the same school. Last night we were on the phone for two hours and I told him that he’s making me go crazy because I’ve never felt like this. So far so good.
As for the long distance guy, I wasn’t feeling all that confident in us anymore. Long distance is always difficult I don’t know why I thought it would be different for us.

14Feb 2012

Valentine’s Day~

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Today is obviously the holiday of love. Sometimes I feel alone even though I know I kind of have someone, I guess. It jut feels like I can’t express my feelings in his long distance, older guy relationship. Obviously he works and hen when he gets off work he’s tired and then I’m tired beans I have to get up early in the morning. I know this is just bother holiday but I want to walk down the hallway with 오빠!

13Feb 2012

Swollen finger and Target

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So right now I’m sitting inside Target waiting for my mom to pick me up. I just bought some cool stuff including my first ever lipstick for tomorrow( Valentine’s Day if you forgot) and a new face scrub which I will do a review on later. I can’t wait to try out my new lipstick so excited ! I was this close to buying a liquid foundation but decided against it because then I would be spending all my money.

My finger is super swollen an it hurts like crazy, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do. Do I just leave it alone? Soak it? Ice it? I just want my finger to stop hurting. I don’t even know how this happened.

I might do a v day look tomorrow depending on whether or not I actually dress up. Or put make up on because I have a test to study for and I’m still waiting at the store. I just wanna go