11Feb 2012

Uncles birthday party

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So today was my uncles birthday lunch and we went to Harwood 609, it’s a jazz club downtown. It was pretty nice , the food was bland though.

Our dryer at home stopped working so we have to go to the washeteria and use the dryer there. In other news, I took my hair down last night and it’s weird to be used to so much hair the. Going back to my regular length. I definitely want to get another sew-in later.

08Feb 2012

Review: Seche Vite

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As any of my readers would know,  I love painting my nails. Nail art is so much fun to play around with, but I do everything with my natural nails and I was getting tired of my nails looking dull after I just painted them. So with recommendation from many nail artists on YouTube, I decided to pick up some Seche Vite. I think I might have put it in my haul video a while back, but I’m not sure. Anyway, I was a little aprehensive on how well this would work and I wasn’t even going to get it because it was waaaay more than I had planned on spending,but I decided that if I didn’t like it, I could just use it for my toes.

I am so happy that I bought this. This is the best nail top coat that I have eveer used. It leaves the nails shiny the entire manicure! I mean I had never seen my nails shine like that with an at home manicure so I knew that this was the good stuff. There is one problem with it though; it seems to dry wquickly in the bottle. It does have quick dry formula so your nails will dry faster, but after a few months it started to get really thick and hard to work with, so I tried to thin it out with nail polish remover… bad idea. I didn’t know about the company’s nail polish thinner, so when I finish up my two top coats that I have now, I will return to Seche Vite and purchase the special thinner formula.

I definitely recommend this to any nail polish lover, especially if your into shiny, professional looking nails. I give this product 5/5!

28Jan 2012


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So today I woke up early, definitely against my will it almost took me an hour to leave the warmness of my sheets and get ready. Ready for the SAT~ It was packed seriously I’ve never seen that many people in one place except at school which is usually a mess. I was so happy in that last hour once everything was done with. Before I begin to tell you about the rest of my day I have to tell you guys about this amazing dream I had last night( when I happened to stay asleep, last night I was tossing and turning so much). Anyway, I had an amazing dream/fantasy of me and oppa. We were married and conviently living in his state. I can’t even type this without feeling my heart swell and smile plastered on my face. Isn’t it amazing to know that the person you like, likes you back? Even though there is an age difference I don’t think we really let that bother us to much. At least I don’t. I do know that one day we will meet and it will be magical ( almost as magical as homecoming freshman year when I slowed danced with Matt to Aerosmith’s Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing). I know this is probably just my emotions an imagination going wild, but really like this guy, my oppa. I hope I’m not overthinking everything and reading too much into what he’s saying. I mean I do stay up late just to talk to him on school nights, when I know I should be sleeping. Most of my friends support it, you like I finally have a guy that we both mutually agree and he’s not hiding anything. But my closest friend is so wary of him. Maybe because of his age or maybe because he doesn’t live here. I really hope I get into the school in D.C. I wouldn’t mind moving up there and then I would be close to oppa~ Just kidding, I just really want to get into a school. And I hope me and oppa can meet and date and get married and have so much fun.

So for the rest of the day, I went to the store and then made a sandwhich once I got home ( I devoured it) and some goldfish along with 7 sour twizzlers. Then I waged my hair, rolled it as now I’m eating chicken and talking to some friends.


27Jan 2012


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I really don’t know how to title this post, maybe once I start writing the title might come. or not. Does the title really even matter? Today I went to go pick up my contacts from the optometrist, but the ones they ordered weren’t the right ones so that means more waiting for me. After that I went to the hospital to get some blood drawn to test my vitamin D levels.The needle was more painful than a pinch and seeing my blood fill the vial felt odd. Not sick odd, but just like an out of body experience. We left and I arrived at school during the last 30 minutes of second class.I was starving because in order to get blood work done, you can’t eat or drink food. My dad stopped and got me some donuts, which I definitely regretted later because I stupidly only packed Hostess Zinger cupcakes as my “lunch”. I’ve basically been hopped up on sugar all day and I am totally feeling the after effects now.Well I’m going to sleep now~

25Jan 2012

I told him

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So I told the older guy that I like him and he likes me too ! I was pretty surprised that he feels the same way, but we both know we may not ever meet in person…which is pretty sad but we like taking to each other and I think that’s all that really matters. I’m so happy~

23Jan 2012

Older guys

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So I met 오빠 on owlpost and we’ve been talking since Thursday of last week. I really like him and he’s been helping me learn Korean and plus he’s cute, but there’s a four year age difference and one of my friends keep saying he’s too old for me. I don’t plan on telling him until my birthday so then it won’t be so pedophile-ish for him.

19Jan 2012

College visits and doctor appointments

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So today I went on a college visit to this university close to my home. It was me an this other girl Emily and both our moms with our two tour guides Courtney and Harriet. They were so nice and Courtney even stopped me to tell me she thought I was so pretty; which made me feel like a million dollars. She’s getting married to a pastor in May which I hunk is so cute. Hopefully if I get accepted she can be my RA. We toured the campus which absolutely gorgeous. After the tour was over, we went with Harriet to eat lunch.

We went back home for a bit. Then I went to the last appointment with my pediatrician. She is so sweet and nice and I’m going to miss not being her patient. After that I went to the orthodontist for the last time to get my braces off. It’s the best feeling getting metal that’s been on your teeth off. I’m so happy my teeth don’t even look like my teeth.

I have another new 오빠 who is really sweet and helpful. He helps me learn Korean and apparently doesn’t think I’m too shabby~ 행복해 !

17Jan 2012

New friends

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So I found out about this new Korean talking app from one of the people I follow on Tumblr. It’s so much fun; it’s like omegle but with cute owls. Anyway, I made a new friend lets call him Texas 오빠 because he said he wanted to live in Texas and he’s older than me. We exchanged names on kakao talk . Anyways he’s really nice and I like talking to him.

16Jan 2012

Donut Time!

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So Autumn came over today to hang out. I made her an omelet with sausage and carrot and she said it was good, this was my first time making one ^^ I didn’t really do anything today except stare in the mirror and try to restore my laptop. Unfortunately my laptop crashed and I lost all my files. Every single one! I almost started crying~ I never realized how much I put on here until it was gone.



14Jan 2012

New hair do

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So I just got my first sew in and I think it looks great! My head is a little sore and I’m really hungry and sleepy. I can’t wait to wear it to school and show my friends, I wonder what everyone at school will think? I’ll probably make a video later about my hair and maybe style it later during the week when I don’t feel like wearing it straight.