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18Mar 2011

New shoes!

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Okay so yesterday I wasn’t planning on spending money (and I didn’t on the shoes), but I had a gift card to aHalf Price Books, so I sold some books and bought some. I bought one of the books in the Pink Angel’s series and the first book of the Thirst series. Also I went to a local Japanese restaurant, Nagoya. I went with my Aunt N, grandmother, mom and little cousin. We had Hibachi style and it was yummy. When we left there¬† we went to Nordstrom Rack right by the mall and I had seen these really cute shoes there when me and my mom went earlier in the week, but they were too little. I was sooooo happy when I found some, not in the same color, but who cares right? So my grandma bought them for me for an early birthday present ( April 9). Here are my new babies:

17Mar 2011

Nordstrom Haul

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SO the last entry I made I had bought Infinite’s album that should be here next week or so. I also bought Hwayobi’s Summer and 2AM’s 3rd mini album. It may seem like all I buy are CDs and for the most part that is true, but since I’ve been on Spring Break, my mom took me out shopping and I got some adorable items.

I got all of this at Nordstrom’s it’s like a store that carries a lot of designer clothes at discounted prices. So I was intially looking for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding next month, but we didn’t really see anything that looked that great on. I also had to have “candy apple red shoes” because that’s her color scheme. Look what I found…

I don’t know when I’m going to wear the love shirt or how I’m going to wear it yet.¬† I was thinking maybe a pink skirt with flats, a black ballerina skirt with the red heels or jeans. Any suggestions?