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29Jul 2013

Where’d they get that?

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Credit: http://what-id-wear.tumblr.com/post/56495935541/what-id-wear-the-outfit-database-original

If you’re anything like me, you always seem to find really interesting clothing on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr. It seems the girls can always find the perfect maxi skirt/dress, boots or fringe bag.  Well I found a couple of sites that actually were made to tell you where to get the fabulous skirt you saw on Pinterest or Tumblr.

  1. Wanelo – You can make wish lists of cool things you find on the site like Starbuck’s shirts and other random bits you may like. It gives you a direct link to the shop or stores with similar products.
  2. Wheretogetit – This site is a little more organized; it broken up into sections (Tv shows,Bloggers,Trends,Brands,and Celebrities,etc.) This site is more like community where others tell you where to get similar items or the exact item. I really love this site; it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and chances are that someone else already posted a look that you wanted to know about.
09Jun 2012

Haul: Target, Crate&BarrelOutlet

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On Saturday my mom, grandma and I went shopping. First we went to the Crate&Barrel Outlet where I picked up these super cute file folders. Then after we went to Target where I picked up Neutrogena Combination Skin moisturizer, Target brand cotton pads, two Rimmel blue eyeliners,an NYC mattifying top coat and a planner. Also some of the stuff I ordered came in from ebay! As you guys know I love using ebay for getting deals. I ordered a NYX blush in the shade copper and The Body Shop’s Powder Mix Vitamin C Serum. All in all a great way to spend Saturday!

04Dec 2011

hello retail therapy

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so today me and my mom went shopping (more like I followed her around while she bought stuff) at Parks mall. Before we went to the mall, we went to the nail spa.My mom got her nails done(with a cute snowflake) and I got my eyebrows and lip waxed.
At the mall we went into Dillard’s to look at prom dresses, but of them were short and I didn’t really care for them. Then we went to Macy’s where we stopped at a natural beauty product counter and the sales lady was so nice! She even said that I was beautiful; how sweet. She gave me some great tips for skincare and how to get rid of my annoying acne.
While in Macy’s my mom said she saw an advertisement that looked like me, so I decided to take a picture with it, but being the crazy person that I am, I didn’t realize that my camera was on ‘Video’ mode.
me and my twin
By that time I was going crazy because I was so hungry. So we stopped at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and both got Pepperoni pretzel and cinnamon nuggets(yum!). After we finished that,we visited Forever 21 and my mom bought me this adorable winter jacket that fits better than the one she bought at Marshall’s last year. We left the mall after that and headed to the cleaners, then my grandma’s house. My grandma already put up her Christmas tree and decorations; it’s so pretty!
I still haven’t washed my hair, so I’ll probably just wait until tomorrow. It’s been raining all day and that’s probably the main reason I’ve been feeling so tired; the sound of rain is so soothing. My mom and I were playing dress up with her make-up and wig. Some pictures came out good~
18Sep 2011


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So my friend says I’m a shopaholic and I kinda agree with her. It’s so easy to shop online and for a while thats all I was doing: come home, get online and shop. My parents even had to ban me from the computer because I was spending so much money.

Everytime I saw something I wanted I felt a rush clicking buy now button. And a lot of stuff i could’ve have waited to buy and saved a ton of money,but because I’m not rolling in dough and I don’t have a job I was spend g my money on frivolous items that have no kind of educational value or that can benefit me monetarily.

I’m writing all of this because yesterday I bought something. It wasn’t that expensive and really cute but it’s the first thing I’ve bought in such a long time; I definitely felt the rush.

16Aug 2011

Goodwill Finds

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So me and my Mom went to the local Goodwill last week to see if we could find anything worth buying. There wasn’t a lot, but I did get to buy some stuff I always wanted like:

A Captain and Tenile Record

captain & Tenille Record

Brown belt( only a dollar!)

and Breaking Dawn( I like re-reading books)

18Jul 2011

Busy Bee~

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So today I went shopping with my mom and we went to Target and I bought new nail polish!!! I’ll probably be doing swatches later in the week since I just painted my nails Saturday and my mom always says “you’re wasting nail polish”. Besides shopping, I started a new blog which I haven’t really been keeping up with yet and I’ve been writing fanfics on soompi! Currently I have a Hwayobi/Hwanhee fanfic based on when the pair were on the Korean variety show We Got Married. I’m also writing a Park Hyo Shin fanfic with an original plot. I noticed that most of the fanfiction are based on the really popular idol singers, but everyone loves to read about the other singers too. So I’ve been doing that.

Korean studies haven’t been going that well because I’ve been trying to write and finish my library books and think up more outfit combinations.

18Mar 2011

New shoes!

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Okay so yesterday I wasn’t planning on spending money (and I didn’t on the shoes), but I had a gift card to aHalf Price Books, so I sold some books and bought some. I bought one of the books in the Pink Angel’s series and the first book of the Thirst series. Also I went to a local Japanese restaurant, Nagoya. I went with my Aunt N, grandmother, mom and little cousin. We had Hibachi style and it was yummy. When we left there  we went to Nordstrom Rack right by the mall and I had seen these really cute shoes there when me and my mom went earlier in the week, but they were too little. I was sooooo happy when I found some, not in the same color, but who cares right? So my grandma bought them for me for an early birthday present ( April 9). Here are my new babies: